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Dubai Police team who recovered the phone from the sea and reunited it with its owner (centre) Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police divers recently retrieved a smartphone of a man after it fell into the sea in the Dubai Harbour area.

Colonel Dr Hasan Suhail Al Suwaidi, deputy director of Ports Police Station, said divers recovered the smartphone at night when the owner was attending an event in the area.

Dubai Police operations room received a call from the owner saying that his phone fell into the sea while he was using it.

Colonel Dr Hasan Suhail Al Suwaidi

“A team of divers responded and scanned the seabed for the phone despite it being night time. Divers used special tool and lights and checked the movement of the waves to find the phone in minutes,” said Col Al Suwaidi.

Thankful owner

The mobile was returned to the owner, who thanked Dubai Police for their efforts.

Col Al Suwaidi said responding to such calls costs time but it is part of Dubai Police’s role to help any person with a problem.

“In this situation, we needed two divers with their equipment as well as a team leader. Dubai Police are keen to spread happiness among the public because losing personal items cause sadness to people,” added Col Al Suwaidi.