A smart home experience can be sampled at the du headquarters in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: Turning your home into a smart home has just gotten easier, thanks to the launch of the Smart Home Services package by du last month.

The services cover home automation, home monitoring and IT consultancy, with du offering a technology agnostic solution that integrates with a range of products from various brands and partners.

Customers can sample the experience of a du Smart Home at its first smart home experience centre located in du headquarters in Al Salam Tower, Media City. It showcases a range of smart home solutions like control of lighting, door sensors, automated curtains, AC and various other available appliances (home automation); view of home status through cameras and sensors (home monitoring); control of audio and video equipment (home entertainment); and effective wireless coverage (home networking).

Range of tasks

While home automation enables users to automate and manage various in-home and out-of-home devices, equipment, appliances and environments – these can include lighting, air conditioning and curtain control, home monitoring allows the user to remotely monitor and survey in-home and out-of-home environments through wireless or wired IP cameras – this includes indoor and outdoor cameras and sensors. It allows for notifications and alerts to custom destinations, based on output and triggers. The user is capable of monitoring and manipulating equipment and sensors remotely, via smart phones or tablets and dedicated web interfaces.

Packages could be pre-built to include wireless retrofit solutions for in-home and out of home devices, equipment, appliances and environments, or custom built with comprehensive wireless and wired home automation custom designs, for individual customers. The project sizes and prices vary.

Things you can do with a du smart home package:

-Programme your curtains to open in the morning

-Manipulate automations via interactive switches and panels, as well as universal remote controllers and smart phones

-Ensure each room has the perfect temperature - and manage it from anywhere

-Screen social media accounts through a Smart Mirror while you get ready

-Secure home with motion sensors which alert you even when you are not at home

-Open the door for your friends with a touch of a button on your smart phone or iPad

-Change the privacy of your home with Smart Windows - with one click, they can go from opaque and private to transparent