Courtesy Dubai Police Drones used to catch jet-ski violations in dubai. gdfd Image Credit:

Dubai: Reckless jet ski riders who breach safety zones set up to protect swimmers on Dubai’s beaches may believe they can get away with their antics because police officers can’t see them.

But Dubai Police warned on Wednesday that they are now deploying aerial drones on Dubai beaches to catch jet ski (water scooter) riders flouting the law and putting swimmers in danger.

Brigadier Abdul Qader Al Bannai, director of the Ports police station, said using drones to catch violators in the sea is in line with the Dubai Police strategy to use the latest technology in policing to protect and serve residents.

“Some people break the law in the sea like people on jet-skis crossing the lines of their designated areas and endanger the lives of other sea users like swimmers. Drones will support our work in preventing sea accidents and secure the coasts,” Brig Al Bannai said.

Recently, drones helped officers record a number of jet ski riders who were threatening beachgoers swimming in cordoned-off areas at Jumeirah and Kite beaches.

“Those violators entered the areas designated for swimmers and that was a risky and dangerous act. Drones helped identify them. We seized their jet-skis and issued fines against violators.”

Brig Al Bannai said irresponsible operation of jet skis and not staying in their designated areas cost each rider a Dh1,000 fine as directed by the Dubai Executive Council order number 11 for 2003.

“There is also a Dh2,000 fine for jet ski or boat riders who harass or annoy other sea users. Drones support our work by scanning the sea and provide help during emergencies,” Brig Al Bannai added.

He warned all users of maritime vessels, like jet-skis and boats, to follow sea safety instructions and stay away from designated swimming areas.

Drones have night-vision cameras

Brigadier Abdul Qader Al Bannai said that new drones deployed to protect swimmers at Dubai beaches have high-resolution cameras controlled by a police patrol team on the beach to record violations.

The drones also have night vision to spot violators at night too.