Dream Island
Dream Island Image Credit: Supplied

It’s been just over a month since the launch of Dream Island, an advanced, secure platform that lets users take part in a series of games that offer real cash prizes. Whether it’s the biweekly Dh10-million jackpot-offering Lucky Day, virtual scratch-and-win game Hulm or the number-picking match-and-win Dream 5, a growing base of players have been logging on to the platform over the past month.

Here, some of the winners share their stories with Gulf News REACH.

Lucky Day: “I could not believe my luck”

Deepak, a Pakistani expat based in Sharjah, couldn’t believe he had won Dh1,000 on a spend of Dh50. After reading about the Lucky Day mega-draw on Gulf News, he opened Dreamisland.ai on his smartphone to try his hand at winning big.

With Lucky Day, players need to select five numbers out of 31 followed by one out of 12. The name Lucky Day comes from the size of the number pools – the first representing each day of the month, the second the number of months in a year. While many players make their picks based on auspicious occasions – such as a child’s birthday or a wedding anniversary – Deepak opted to use the game’s AutoPick function, which chooses the numbers for you.

After spending Dh50, he entered the draw, in which he won Dh1,000 based on four winning numbers. “I was celebrating as I shared news of my win with friends and family.”

Nour, Dream Island’s marketing manager, says, “We’ve seen more and more players try Lucky Day, and the number is growing with every live draw.”

Aside from the huge prizes it offers – which range from Dh100 all the way up to shared jackpots of Dh1 million and Dh10 million – one of the big appeals of Lucky Day is its live prize draw, which takes place every second Friday of the month at 8:30pm UAE time. “The live draw, with its Dream Island presenter, is super captivating,” says Nour. “The popularity of the game exceeded our expectations.”

If you refer Dream Island to your family and friends, you’ll get Dh5 back into your account after each of them sign up and tops up their account. This stacks up to Dh25 for five referrals – meaning you can get 50 per cent off on your Lucky Day ticket.

Hulm: “I scratched a card and won Dh2,222”

Another UAE resident, Filipina hospitality professional Mel, became interested in Dream Island after hearing her friends discussing the platform.

She opted to play Hulm, the platform’s scratch-and-win game. Hulm offers its players a selection of six themes. Once they’ve chosen Lucky 7, Find the Fortune, Three Wishes, Golden Sand, 5 Wa Khamiss or 2 Win, a themed scratch card with silver circles appears on the screen. If the player scratches – rubs with their finger, we mean – and matches the predetermined winning symbols or images, they win.

Hulm also lets players big multiple times to improve their odds of winning.

In Mel’s case, she went with 2Win. “I just scratched the card and won Dh2,222,” she says.

What did she do with her winnings? “I helped out some friends who’d lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic.” With travel suspended during much of 2020, the hospitality sector was hit hard, so Mel was glad to be able to lend a hand to friends in the industry who needed some support.

Dream 5: “I supported my family”

Oliver, another UAE resident from the Philippines, discovered Dream Island through a friend’s social media post about the platform, and decided to give numbers-matching game Dream 5 a shot.

Dream 5 lets players select between two and eight numbers from a set of 11. Matching five of these wins a prize, while the Nap, Prediction and Group number-picking systems allow players to tweak the potential prize amounts and odds.

On his first Dream 5 attempt, Oliver won Dh2,100. “I selected my numbers randomly, though I have since mostly used AutoPick,” he says.

Oliver used his winnings to support his family.

Nour says, "We are positively surprised to see how many people refer our games to friends and family. We believe this is the best reward one can wish for. Dream Island is played and trusted by more and more people. We would never disappoint these folks.

“Would you like to create your own story with us? It could start now – click here to enter.” She adds that there’s still time to get in on the live Lucky Day draw, which takes place tonight at 8.30pm.