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Dexa Coin is a UAE-registered company based in Dubai that aims to revolutionise social media with its blockchain-powered social messenger. Called Dexa Messenger, the app incorporates social and digital payment capabilities while emphasising user privacy.

Founded in 2018, Dexa Coin has achieved many milestones, securing top-notch partnerships to ensure the business had a solid background and foundation to perform well. The company’s credibility has always been a priority for founder and CEO, Adnan Altaf. “Dexa Messenger aims to be a mainstream social messaging platform with a goal to represent the UAE in both the blockchain and social media sectors,” Altaf says.

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Dexa Coin’s mission is to provide users with a great social messaging experience, with full end-to-end encryption allowing privacy and security without monetising user information in anyway. User information will be stored securely and privately without being profited off by digital marketers. By integrating blockchain technology into its core system, it empowers people with access to this technology while also making digital payments instant and secure.

Since its formation 50 years ago, the UAE has been a country of prosperity and a gateway to better opportunities, allowing it to attract people from different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicity, and who now call the UAE home. This is all thanks to country’s great governance, leadership and vision, making it a true global powerhouse. The UAE has always been at the forefront of recognising the importance of latest technologies, further solidified with the Project 50 Initiative, which focuses on artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cybersecurity and more. That is why Dexa Coin is optimistic about being in the right place to contribute to the economy of the future here in the UAE.

One of the highlights for Dexa Coin was when it participated in the first-ever blockchain convention held at Dubai Exhibition Centre at Expo 2020 on November 14-15, where the company exhibited its platform, Dexa Messenger – Beta Version.

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This was one of the biggest stages yet for blockchain companies as well as NFT artists to exhibit their projects, wherein global participants came together for the same purpose of venturing into the digital future. With the country’s support in making the UAE the central hub for blockchain projects, there’s no doubt that Dexa Coin will become one of the most successful contributors in blockchain in the UAE.

Dexa Messenger will be available worldwide except in UN-sanctioned countries. Meanwhile, in the UAE, Dexa Messenger will be available once it receives approval from the TRA.

The Dexa Coin team congratulates the UAE leadership on the proud and momentous occasion of the UAE’s 50th National Day celebrations.