Swimming in the sky: The Infinity Pool at the InterContinental Hotel in Dubai Festival City offers a gravity-defying experience Image Credit: XPRESS/Abdel-Krim Kallouche

DUBAI: Even on a cold, breezy morning the prospect of ‘swimming in infinity’ is a clincher to slip into a swimsuit. The cantilevered pool suspended over the fourth floor of the Inter Continental Hotel at Festival City in Dubai offers that unique experience of defying gravity and paddling in midair.

Christened ‘Infinity Pool’, the curvy transparent glass structure is suspended over the creek-side promenade of the hotel with stunning views of the Dubai skyline. And those seeking more than just a relaxing swim, this hanging pool is a ‘must plunge’.

So vouches Carlos Del Cerro from Spain, resting his chin on the edge of the pool, soaking in the spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa towering over the creek. “I first swam in the Infinity Pool four years ago. When you are in the water, you feel like there are no boundaries and you are floating in space. The experience was so special that I never miss it whenever I am travelling to Dubai,” said Cerro, who works for an aviation company in Spain.

This reporter who tested the waters to confirm the ‘wow’ factor can testify that the experience was indeed one of a kind. Adding to the dizzying yet overwhelming feeling of ‘swimming in the sky’ was the breathtaking view through the plexiglas walls. The elongated pool is sandwiched between the magnificent glass structures led by the iconic Burj Khalifa on one side and the tranquil boulevard of the Festival City that anchors lazing boats on the other sides.

And even as the swimmers enjoy the killer views from above, the pool itself is a spectacle for guests trawling the promenade beneath.

Naman Schwarz, the hotel’s Pool and Health Club Manager, said while the hanging pool is a major attraction, the view from below of people swimming equally fascinates the hotel guests, who can watch the action through the transparent bottom of the pool.

“In the evenings guests gather at the hotel promenade beneath the pool and enjoy the sights of people swimming above their heads,” said Schwarz. The pool is open till 11pm so that the guests can soak in the glitz and glamour of the Dubai skyline at night.

The hotel management claims the design is one of a kind as no other hotel in Dubai features a cantilevered pool. Holiday Inn Shanghai and Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne have similar pools. Other hotels with suspended pools are the Hilton Hotel in Auckland, Joule Hotel in Dallas and the stunning infinity pools at the Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort in Bali.