Dubai: A Bangladeshi woman in her twenties, who suffered severe injures after jumping from the balcony of an apartment, was trying to get away from human traffickers.

Speaking on the sidelines of the forum for combating human trafficking, Captain Ahmad Obaid Bin Hadibah, head of the combating human trafficking department at Dubai Police, told Gulf News that to date there were 20 cases, with the latest taking place last week.

The Bangladeshi woman had been promised a housemaid's job in Dubai but was told upon arrival by an Asian gang of three men and a woman that she would be working as a prostitute. The gang has been arrested recently.

"She told the police that she accidentally fell from a building in Al Muraqabbat. Her story was conflicting and unconvincing to us and we had suspicions it was another case of human trafficking," Hadibah said.

The woman suffered multiple fractures on her body.

Not exploited

"The victim was not sexually exploited and is currently receiving treatment and protection," he said.

The two-day forum ended yesterday with a set of recommendations from a wide array of authorities concerned with combating human trafficking in the country.

The major recommendation is to have the current Federal Law 51 on human trafficking amended to accommodate the many cases of human trafficking.