Dubai: A clerk has been accused of chasing a female employee into a building’s washroom where he exposed himself to her before he kissed and molested her.

The Ukrainian employee was said to have left her company’s premises to use a toilet, which turned out to be closed down for maintenance in September.

The woman went to the adjacent building to use the washroom and when she walked in, according to records, she came across the 30-year-old Egyptian clerk inside.

The Ukrainian woman walked out and took the lift up to the third floor to use the other washroom.

When she finished, she was shocked to see the clerk had followed her into the women’s washroom.

As she walked back to the lift, intending to leave, the 30-year-old man exposed himself and chased her.

When she rushed to the staircase, the Egyptian grabbed her neck, kissed and molested her.

Records said when the man bit her lip and tried to hug her, she bit him back and he ran away once she yelled at him.

The Ukrainian reported the matter to the police and the 30-year-old Egyptian was arrested ten days later in Al Rigga.

Prosecutors accused the Egyptian suspect of exposing himself and molesting the woman.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the Ukrainian woman foiled the suspect’s attempt to molest her further as she fought him back and yelled at him before he ran away.

The suspect entered a not guilty plea and denied the allegations when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

“I did not expose myself or touch her … she is the one who walked into the washroom suddenly started shouting. She screamed hysterically and then called the police. I was cleaning the place and asked her to wait outside but she started screaming loudly,” he said before presiding judge Habib Awad.

The Ukrainian woman testified to prosecutors that the suspect exposed his private parts and pushed his body next to hers.

“I pushed him away and walked to the stairways. He grabbed me by the neck and stopped me … he kissed me forcibly and molested me. He ran away when I bit his lips as he tried to kiss me and he fled,” she claimed to prosecutors.

A police corporal claimed to prosecutors: “After his arrest, the suspect claimed that he bumped into the woman while they were entering the washroom … he also alleged that he grabbed her by the hand and tried to pull her into the lift but she refused.”

A ruling will be heard on December 27.