Inmates in Ajman studying the Quran during Ramadan 2022 Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: Ajman Police have paid Dh5 million to settle the debts of 103 prisoners, enabling them to return to their families.

The initiative, part of the ‘Karbaa’ programme carried out in partnership with charity associations, aims to release prisoners detained for financial reasons, enabling them to spend the remaining days of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr with their families.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Mubarak Al Ghafli, director-general of Ajman Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishments, hailed the Charity Associations’ support. He said the gesture reflected the organisation’s significant role in ensuring social empowerment among all segments of society.

“The Charity Associations spare no effort in supporting the centre’s goals in achieving its mission in the reform and rehabilitation of inmates,” he said.

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Lt Col Al Ghafli added that the association takes care of the needs of the inmates in accordance with the policies adopted by the Ministry of Interior, which are in line with international laws related to human rights. He said the facility always seeks, through working with its partners, to put in place community initiatives and programmes that enable convicts to settle their cases and facilitate their return to their home countries after providing them with tickets.