Dubai: Two bus drivers were on Thursday accused of embezzling more than Dh107,000 by selling their employer’s fuel to unknown people, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Thursday.

The two Pakistani defendants aged 28 and 24 were working as drivers at a bus transport company located in Al Rashidiya area. They were stealing diesel from their buses and selling it to unidentified people.

According to official records, the first defendant, who is still at large, sold fuel worth Dh90,000 from June to October 2017. The second defendant sold fuel worth Dh17,000 during the same period.

A 32-year-old Emirati manager said the fraud was discovered when another driver tried to use the fuel card issued by the company, but it was found to be exhausted.

“The fuel card was used several times in one day. It was strange as the distance doesn’t need refuelling several times a day. Our records revealed that the bus was with the two defendants. The fuel cards given to the defendants were used several times by them for several buses,” said the official in records.

The second defendant was arrested and he admitted that they were embezzling the money by emptying the fuel tanks and selling the fuel.

Both were charged with embezzlement. A verdict is expected on July 25.