Gigi Loren, also known as Gigi Gorgeous. Image Credit: Youtube screengrab

Dubai: Famous transgender actress and model Gigi Loren was denied entry to Dubai on Tuesday as her passport mentioned she was a man.

Previously known as Gregory Allan Lazzarato, the 24-year-old Canadian was barred from entering the UAE via Dubai International Airport, according to media reports, because her travel documents mentioned that she is a man.

Media reports quoted the actress as saying that when she presented her travel document at the airport’s passport control, she was told that she cannot be allowed into the country “because she is a transgender”.

A source at the airport confirmed the incident to Gulf News but denied that the actress was refused entry because she is a transgender. The source explained that the passport she used was that of a man and not a woman and it also had a photo of a man.

Once the news broke, the incident went viral on international social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others.

Media reports mentioned that the Canadian was stopped at the airport for nearly five hours.

“She was not arrested or confined … all that happened was that she was denied entry,” the source told Gulf News without divulging any further details. Gigi had an official change of name in 2014.