Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: An Arab couple died on the spot after a speeding vehicle lost control and rammed into them while they were on walk late evening on Saturday. The incident happened after the roundabout of Mahwi Bridge at Mohammad Bin Zayed City.

The vehicle hit the pavement and dragged the couple, walking on the footpath, for close to 100 metres and came to a halt after flattening the garden of a villa compound. The driver, a GCC national, escaped with minor injuries and has been arrested by the Abu Dhabi police.

Brigadier Salim Abdullah bin Barak Al Dhaheri, Director of the Traffic Department of the Traffic and Patrols Department of Abu Dhabi Police, speaking about the incident said, “The police patrol and ambulances moved to the scene immediately and the victims’ were shifted to Khalifa Hospital.” 

Investigations have revealed that the accident happened as the driver tried to suddenly change his vehicle’s course without making sure that the road was clear.

“Accident happened as he took a sudden deviation and it collided with the pavement from the left and lost control of the vehicle. Once out of control, the vehicle hit the two victims,” added Al Dhaheri, who urged drivers to abide traffic laws and ensure they follow speed limits even if the roads are not too busy. 

“One should leave sufficient safety distance between the vehicles and be careful and change the path only after making sure the road is free. Drivers should pay attention and focus while driving, not to infringe on pedestrian crossing lines. Adhere to speed limits so they can control the vehicle.”