The accused, who had pleaded not guilty, will be deported following the completion of his punishment. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: A physiotherapist is accused of sexually abusing his patient at a clinic, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Monday.

The 45-year-old Canadian woman visited the medical centre for physiotherapy sessions when her specialised physiotherapist touched her breast twice and kissed her lips.

On May 2019, the victim went to the clinic at 2pm for her session when the incident happened while he was massaging her right shoulder inside the therapy room.

“He was treating me for a week before the incident. When I was in the session, I felt him touching my breast. I stopped him and told him that it is a sensitive area and he should stay away from this part of my body. Later he repeated the same act and kissed my lips,” said the victim.

According to official records, she pushed him away and left the clinic without talking to him as she was shocked by his behaviour.

However, she texted him and asked why he did that and he replied that he couldn’t resist her beauty.

The incident was reported to Bur Dubai police station, which summoned the 38-year-old Pakistani defendant for questioning.

Dubai Public Prosecution said that they found text messages between the victim and the defendant where he admitted to sexually abusing the woman. The defendant said in the messages that he didn’t think about her in this way before but when she was close to him, he didn’t know what happened to him.

The defendant was charged with sexually abusing the woman.

Trial has been delayed to July 15.