The accused, who had pleaded not guilty, will be deported following the completion of his punishment. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: A man and a woman have gone on trial accused of posing as police to steal Dh1,700 from a man’s wallet, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Monday.

On February of this year a 39-year-old Filipino man was walking in Jumeirah when a car stopped beside him and a 30-year-old Emirati defendant posing as a police officer called him into his car.

Once in the vehicle the victim handed over his wallet as asked to the defendant who showed it to his female accomplice in the passenger seat. The defendant then hit the man on the head with the wallet and asked the victim if he was under the influence of alcohol.

“He then threw my wallet out off the window and asked me to step out,” said the victim. “I took my wallet and the two suspects left at high speed. When I checked my wallet I saw that they had stolen my money.”

The victim noted the car’s number plate and informed Dubai Police who arrested the couple five days later.

The plate number belonged to a 34-year-old Emirati woman, who confessed to aiding a robbery.

“The male defendant was driving the car and parked near the victim posing as a police officer,” said police in court. “He stole his money and escaped. Later the victim identified the suspect from a line-up.”

The defendants were charged with illegally locking the victim in their car, posing as police and stealing Dh1,700.

The male defendant was additionally charged with physical assault.

The trial has been adjourned until June 13.