Dubai: Two unemployed men have been accused of beating up and robbing a worker at knifepoint in the street, after they posed as pimps and offered him girls for sex.

The Bangladeshi worker, 22, was said to be walking back to his residence one day in July at 9pm, when a group of Bangladeshi men stopped him on the street and made the offer.

When the worker rejected their offer, the men pointed a knife in his face and pulled him into an alley, say court records.

The group assaulted the young man with their hands and the knife, and stole $20 and Dh160 from him.

The worker went to the police station to report the incident and guided them to the residence of two of the suspected culprits.

Police apprehended the men, 29 and 35, while the other suspects remain at large.

Prosecutors accused the suspects of assaulting the worker and robbing him at knifepoint.

The 35-year-old failed to show up before the Dubai Court of First Instance, where he was scheduled to enter his plea on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, his 29-year-old accomplice pleaded not guilty and refuted the accusations before presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi.

The worker testified to prosecutors: “A group of Bangladeshi men, including the suspects, stopped me and offered girls for sex. I told them I wasn’t interested; they threatened me with a knife and pulled me into an empty alley. They assaulted me physically and stabbed me as well, robbed me and then left. I called the police and told them what happened.”

A police sergeant told prosecutors: “The worker told us that he knew the suspects and guided us to their place. The two suspects were taken into custody in Al Rifaa area. They denied their involvement in the crime.”

The court reconvenes on November 11.