Dubai Courts
The main facade of the Dubai Courts Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archive

Dubai: A Nepali man, stopped by fake cops while walking with his fiancee in a Dubai street, managed to rescue her after the men dragged her into a car in a failed rape attempt, a Dubai court heard on Wednesday.

In April of this year the 27-year-old Nepali was walking with his fellow countrywoman in Al Quoz after midnight when three men stopped and posed as police before asking the couple for their ID.

The men held the Nepali man by force and dragged his fiancee into the backseat of a nearby car.

“I saw him put my fiancee inside the car and she was crying for help,” he said. “I know that they were trying to rape her so I managed to escape from them, but one of them hit me with a cricket bat. I ran towards her and rescued her from the hands of the attackers and we both fled,” he added.

The Pakistani defendants escaped and Dubai Police rescued the couple.

“I want them to be punished with the maximum penalty for what they have done to me and my fiancee,” said the Nepali, who works as a lifeguard. “I was so upset with what happened, as if I hadn’t managed to escape then they would have raped my fiancé,” he added.

Meanwhile, his 25-year-old fiancee said that one of the defendants dragged her to the empty car.

“I yelled at him and said that police don’t treat women like this,” she said. “He muzzled my mouth and pushed me into the back seat of the car. He tried to take off my trousers and hugged me, but I kept resisting him. My fiance rescued me and then we ran to the main road asking for help from other people,” she added.

The three defendants stole a mobile phone, credit card and Dh60 from the victims. Aged between 26 to 31, the trio were charged with posing as police, theft, attempted rape and assault.

The trial has been adjourned until October 2, while the defendants remain in custody.