Dubai: A man has been accused of inappropriately touching a female attendant at a petrol station in Al Ghusais when she tried to sell him a Dubai Shopping Festival promotional ticket.

When the 54-year-old Indian unemployed man walked into petrol station in December, the Filipina attendant tried to get him to purchase a DSF promotional ticket.

According to records, the man agreed and went with the attendant to the counter to pay, where he tried to touch her.

The Filipina immediately removed his hand, rushed to the station’s duty supervisor, and reported what had happened.

Prosecutors charged the Indian with molesting the Filipina.

The suspect pleaded not guilty when he defended himself before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday. “No, I did not touch her,” the suspect told presiding judge Urfan Omar.

The Filipina testified to prosecutors that the suspect groped her when she was tried to talk him into buying a ticket.

“When we entered the shop in the station for him to pay, he touched my private parts. I yelled at him and removed his hand quickly. Then he said, ‘How much money do you want’. I rushed into the supervisor’s desk and told him what had happened. He called the police who checked the surveillance cameras as no one had witnessed what had happened,” she told the prosecutors.

Prosecution records confirmed that the footage on the surveillance cameras showed the suspect groping the Filipina, who had pushed his hand away.

The suspect’s lawyer asked the court to hear the Filipina’s statement when the court reconvenes on March 27.