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Dubai: Dubai Court of First Instances has sentenced a man to six months in jail to be followed by deportation for sexually abusing a five-year-old boy in a sharing accommodation.

According to official records, a 24-year-old Indian man was in the sharing villa in Bur Dubai when he saw a 33-year-old Indian electrician hugging his nephew from behind in June this year.

The Indian boy told prosecution that he was playing inside the villa when the defendant called him and touched his private parts inappropriately.

“My uncle came and pushed the defendant away from me,” the boy said in records.

The uncle testified that his sister asked him to summon the children from the villa’s ground floor when the victim asked him for more time to play with his siblings.

“I was busy on the phone. But when I got free and looked at him, I saw the defendant hugging him from behind and touching him while recording it on his mobile phone. I alerted the boy’s father and the defendant escaped from the villa. We alerted Dubai Police and searched for the defendant until we found him near a mosque,” the uncle said.

The Indian defendant was charged with sexually abusing the boy.

The verdict will be subject to appeal within 15 days.