Fire, genric
Photo for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A Pakistani man went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he was accused of setting fire to a warehouse rented by a company following a dispute with its owner.

According to official records, the 39-year-old Indian victim, who owned a warehouse at Ras Al Khor Industrial area, claimed that the defendant used to borrow money from him and sign equivalent amounts on cheques.

The cheques bounced back as the defendant didn’t have sufficient amount of money in his account.

In May 2019, the defendant couldn’t pay back Dh200,000 but offered to give the victim machines instead of the money.

“He [the defendant] was renting a warehouse next to mine. He couldn’t pay the rent for it and I agreed to rent it from him and store the machines inside. Three weeks later he came and changed the warehouse’s lock. I changed the lock too and he called me threatening to burn the warehouse and leave the country,” the Indian victim said in records.

He alerted his sponsor who claimed that he would resolve the issue, but in June 2019, the victim received a call saying the warehouse had been gutted.

The 35-year-old defendant confessed that he bought a gallon of fuel, poured it on the walls and floor of the warehouse and set fire to the place.

The verdict is expected on July 8.