Police found other people’s bank cards with the suspect. Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have arrested a Gulf national who was illegally receiving the monthly salary of a dead person for the past seven years, the police said on Monday.

The accused was working in a government entity in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Police investigations revealed that the employee did not close the beneficiary’s file after he knew that he had died and continued the monthly stipends. The suspect intentionally concealed the matter and replaced the copy of his passport with the passport copy of another person so that he could claim and use the public funds through fraud. The dead man’s salary or the total amount embezzled was not revealed by the police.

After receiving information from a federal entity, the police investigated the matter where a person was getting a monthly stipend as financial assistance from one of its branches in Al Ain for a person who died in 2011.

The corruption case of exploiting public funds was intercepted by Abu Dhabi Police, who arrested the suspect. Police found the suspect had talismans, shells, hair, three dead birds in his possession, as well as bank cards of other people who work in the same entity, and other official documents.

Colonel Mattar Mu’adh Al Muhairi, director of the police’s anti-corruption department, said other suspects of Asian nationalities were involved in the case, all of whom have been arrested.

Another suspect in the case was hatching a conspiracy with the main accused, police said. Both withdrew money from the ATM machine on behalf of the dead person.

All the tools and documents seized were sent to the Al Ain public prosecution for further investigations.

Al Muhairi said some aspects of the investigations have been revealed to drive the message home that there is no immunity for fraudsters and those who indulge in illegal activities.

He praised the efforts of the federal entity and stakeholders and those who work in the anti-corruption department for uncovering the fraud of abusing public money.