Dubai: A housemaid has been accused of threatening to kill herself or her sponsor and his son, if he did not return her passport for her to travel home.

In October, the Indian sponsor was present at his residence along with his wife, son and mother-in-law, when the Nepalese housemaid, 31, rushed angrily into the main hall.

Records said the housemaid was reported to have yelled outrageously at her sponsor and asked him to give back her passport, because she wanted to travel to her country.

When the sponsor tried to calm her down, she went quickly to the kitchen and grabbed a knife that she pointed at her belly.

Then she threatened to kill herself or to kill her sponsor and his family, if she didn’t get the passport.

As the housemaid waved the knife in her sponsor’s face, the latter’s five-year-old son came running across the hall, and the maid lunged for him.

Records said the boy’s grandmother stood in the housemaid’s way to stop her, and ended up getting injured in the hand with the knife.

The sponsor then called the police, who apprehended the housemaid.

Prosecutors accused the Nepalese suspect of threatening her sponsor and assaulting the mother-in-law and injuring her hand.

The suspect pleaded not guilty when she appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

The 31-year-old told presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi: “I am not guilty … I just want my passport to travel home.”

The Indian sponsor told prosecutors that the incident happened at his residence in Al Barsha.

“The suspect came into the main hall and shouted angrily that she wanted her passport to travel. I tried to calm her down but she brought a knife from the kitchen. She pointed the knife at her belly and threatened to kill herself. She also waved it in our face and threatened to kill my family. She also ran towards my son, wanting to point the knife at him, but my mother-in-law stopped her,” he testified to prosecutors.

A ruling will be heard on December 12.