Dubai: An Emirati man was sentenced to six months in jail for assaulting a warden inside a detention cell at Al Barsha police station, the Dubai Court of First Instance ruled.

The 25-year-old defendant was under police custody when he damaged his bed and a window in his cell before assaulting the policeman and threatening another.

According to official records, in January the policeman received direct orders from his officer to monitor the defendant because the latter had damaged his bed inside the detention centre.

“The defendant resisted me and knocked me on the ground. My right hand was injured,” said the Emirati policeman, 23.

A second policeman who witnessed the incident testified that the defendant threatened to harm him claiming he knew where his house was and that his brothers would take revenge.

Medical reports revealed that the policeman suffered an injury in his hand and needed 10 days to recover.

The defendant was charged with physical assault, threatening and damaging public properties worth Dh4,095.

According to prosecution, the defendant was in detention for consuming illegal painkillers.