Dubai: A bodybuilding coach has been accused of molesting a student while taking her body measurement at a gym where she had registered her membership, heard a court on Sunday.

The 17-year-old Egyptian student is said to have visited the gym in her neighbourhood in July in hope of getting a fit and sporty body.

Once she registered, the 17-year-old went for her first training session with a female coach, according to records, and on her way back home she saw a Pakistani bodybuilding coach, 34, waving at her outside the gym.

When asked by the coach why she had become a gym member, the Egyptian student told him that she wanted to make her body shape better and fitter.

After he talked her into coming the next day to the gym at 3pm, the coach was believed to have molested the student by touching her body parts in a private room where he claimed to be taking her body measurements.

Records stated the girl pushed the coach away and told her mother about the incident. The coach was arrested after the girl and her mother reported the incident to police.

Prosecutors charged the Pakistani of molesting the girl.

According to the charges sheet, the suspect touched the girl’s waist and bottom and tried to kiss her.

The suspect pleaded not guilty and refuted the charges when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

His lawyer asked presiding judge Shaikha Hamad to adjourn the case until she prepares her defence argument when the court reconvenes on October 16.

The girl told the prosecutors: “After I finished my first training session with a female coach, I was heading back home when the suspect stopped me outside the gym. When I told him that I had become a member to improve my fitness and shape up my body, he told me to come the next day to be trained by him. The next day he took me to one of the rooms where he said that he needed to measure my body. While doing so, he touched me improperly. I pushed him away and asked him to stop. Then he asked me to drop my training pants, but I refused. He tried to pull them down, but I stopped him. Then he lifted up my top and tried to kiss me, but I pushed him and stepped back. I told my mother about what had happened and we reported the matter to the police.”

The trial continues.