Two men went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they were accused of causing an explosion of gas cylinders while they were illegally filling the cylinders with liquid gas on a Dubai farm.

According to official records, Dubai Police were alerted about the explosion in a room inside the farm at Al Aweer area.

The owner of the farm told officers that she had rented the room to the 37-year-old Afghani defendant.

“There was a gas cylinder explosion inside the farm. The defendant was arrested at Hor Al Anz area with the second suspect who has burns and injuries on his hands and legs. They confessed that they were filling the gas cylinder when one of the cylinders caught fire,” an Emirati policeman said in records.

The defendants from Afghanistan confessed that they had brought the gas cylinders from Ajman and transferring the gas to other cylinders with Dubai labels.

They confessed that gas cylinder exploded in the process although they managed to escape. The fire soon spread to the farm.

A forensic report revealed that the gas leak in the room caused the fire.

The two defendants were charged with endangering the lives of others by causing a fire on the farm, forging labels of gas cylinders, illegally possessing 112 gas cylinders and transporting flammable materials in a minibus.

The defendants confessed to the charges.

The verdict is expected on October 22 until which time they will remain under police custody.