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Dubai: A gang of nine men went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance over a Dh3 million robbery in which they lured businessmen to buy gold and dollars at a low rate.

The gang — an Egyptian, a Malian, a French man, two Pakistanis, two Emiratis and two Cameroonians — were charged with possessing fake dollars, robbery and criminal abetting.

Modus operandi

The four businessmen from Afghanistan and Australia arrived at Dubai International Airport on July 2018 to buy gold through a friend.


members of the gang are from six countries

They met with one of the defendants through the friend, and he told them to bring their money to a villa in Jumeirah.

An Afghani businessman, 28, testified that they brought Dh2.9 million in two bags and met the Egyptian defendant at the villa.

“He took a picture of the money and sent it to the alleged owner of gold. Later, two African men came with a bag and claimed the gold was inside. Immediately three men wearing Kandouras walked in and flashed their IDs, claiming they were policemen. They seized us and didn’t allow us to use our phones. They took our money and the gold bag and left,” said the victim.

They reported the incident to Dubai Police who launched an intensive investigation and recovered the money.

An Emirati policeman said they identified the Malian, 49, through a rental car record. The Malian with the two Cameroonians were arrested and they confessed to posing as owners of the gold in the fraud.

The policeman testified that they arrested the Egyptian defendant and an Emirati businessman who organised the robbery.

Dubai Police found out that an Emirati policeman agreed to lend his ID to the gang to pose as policemen in front of the victims and steal the money. A Pakistani corporal in Dubai Police was also part of the gang who raided the villa and stole the money.

“They confessed that the defendant gave his ID and other three defendants committed the robbery. We arrested the other defendants and found the money in their possession,” said the policeman in records.

According to Dubai Public Prosecution, the gang stole the money and then returned the ID to the policeman with his share of the heist which was Dh200,000.

The Pakistani corporal confessed that he participated in the robbery and his share was Dh100,000.

The next trial date has been set for September 29.