Dubai: A gang of four men have gone on trial for the attempted murder of an Indian man during a heist, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard.

The gang — made up of three Afghans and a Pakistani — raided a company in the Naif area to steal silver bars worth Dh24,000. The 53-year-old Indian carpenter was inside the company premises when the heist took place in February 2019, and was stabbed in the chest by the suspects.

Records said the victim heard someone asking him to open the door and then they muzzled his mouth with a cloth and attacked him.

“They muzzled my mouth and then someone stabbed me twice on the chest and once on my neck. They knocked me on the ground and when I tried to stand they tried to stab me again but I held the blade before I fell unconscious,” the victim said in records.

The gang searched the company, stole the silver bars and escaped.

The victim was rescued by a man who was passing by and saw the door open. He called the police and an ambulance, and the victim was revived.

Dubai police apprehended the four defendants.

A 39-year-old Emirati police officer testified: “One of them confessed that a fifth suspect told them that people in the apartment, which was used as a company, had hidden an amount of cash inside. They attacked the victim when he opened the door and stabbed the victim. They found four silver bars, a gold ring and Dh1,300.”

The defendants were charged with attempted murder and robbery.

The trial was delayed until August 26.