Sharjah Police warned members of the public not to respond to text messages from unknown sources. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: A new scam is making the rounds among bank customers, prompting police to caution residents over suspicious text messages.

The Sharjah Police General Command warned owners of bank cards that fake text messages were being circulated by scam artists who posed as bank employees.

The alleged bank employee claims to update the victim’s bank statement, and requests the person on the other end of the line to provide information related to their bank accounts, debit card numbers and confidential PIN numbers.

Once the scammer is in possession of all the victim’s details, the suspect then proceeds to steal funds from the bank account in question.

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Sharjah Police confirmed that they are following up on all reported cases of bank fraud and are taking the necessary measures to arrest the suspects.

“Bank customers who receive such messages completely ignore them and not deal with them in any manner,” said the police.

Protect yourself

5 five ways on how to deal with electronic scams:

  1. Never interact with strange numbers
  2. Always maintain the confidentiality of personal financial information
  3. Immediately inform security services after receiving a suspicious telephone call
  4. Take extra caution when handling unknown telephone messages and calls
  5. Always verify the source

Residents are urged to call police immediately if they receive dubious messages on their mobile phones, and contact their nearest police station or the non-emergency number 901.