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The case is with the Dubai Court of First Instance Image Credit: For illustrative purpose

Dubai: A visitor to Dubai has been accused of sexually molesting a four-year-old boy in front of his parent at a shopping mall in the city.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard this week that the 34-year-old Indian defendant first praised the Filipino child’s looks in front of his father and later held the boy and pulled down his shorts. The father said that he was standing near the mall’s gate when the defendant approached his son.

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“He told me several times that I have a good looking child before holding him up in his arms. I tried to stop him but he did not bother and pulled my son’s shorts down,” the father said.

The defendant then committed a lewd act and escaped, he said. The father alerted the security guards who restrained the defendant and informed Dubai Police.

“My countryman was with me and saw the incident. It is the first time we have witnessed such an act,” he said.

During interrogation, the defendant admitted to abusing the boy. Surveillance cameras also showed the defendant hugging the boy several times before pulling down the boy’s shorts. Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the defendant with sexually abusing the child.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for October 21.