Dubai: A 16-year-old Emirati student was gang raped by five other Emiratis inside a villa in the Al Ghusais area of Dubai, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard.

The boy testified that the defendants were friends and he had met some of them while playing football in a sports club.

In April 2019, one of the defendants added him as a friend on SnapChat and spoke about cars and motorbikes.

“He asked me to meet him in the morning at a supermarket near my home. I went with them to have breakfast, but one of them was carrying a knife. They parked the car inside a house and one of them took me to a room. He threatened me with knives and raped me,” said the boy on record.

The other defendants entered the room later and raped him.

The boy was scared and didn’t report the incident until one of his school friends told him that he saw a video clip with one of the defendants during the incident of rape.

The boy then alerted his elder brother who reported the incident to Dubai Police.

Dubai Police has arrested four defendants while one is still at large.

Prosecution said three of them had criminal records of homosexuality.

The defendants, aged between 19-25, were charged with raping the student.

Trial will take place on August 4. Until such time, the defendants will remain in police custody.