Dubai: A businessman, who molested his two housemaids while they massaged him in his bedroom, was handed a three-month suspended imprisonment.

The two Filipina housemaids were working for the 68-year-old Austrian businessman at his residence in Dubai.

In January, the 68-year-old called one of the housemaids to his bedroom and asked her to massage him before he removed her clothes and molested her.

On another day in March, the Austrian man called the second housemaid and molested her as well while she massaged him.

Afterwards, one of the victims set her mobile phone on video mode, put it on the table facing the sofa in the businessman’s bedroom and filmed him removing her dress and abusing her sexually.

Thereafter, the Filipinas called the police who arrested the Austrian defendant.

Citing grounds of leniency due to the defendant’s old age, the Dubai Court of First Instance handed the 68-year-old accused a three-month suspended jail term.

Presiding judge Habib Awad also referred the housemaids’ civil lawsuit to the Dubai Civil Court.

According to Monday’s ruling, the defendant, who pleaded not guilty, will be deported.

One of the Filipinas, 31, testified that her co-worker informed her one day that the accused molested her in his bedroom after he had asked her for a massage.

“My co-worker said the defendant called her to his bedroom and asked her to massage him. She claimed that while she was massaging his shoulders, the accused stripped her naked and molested her. When he called me to his bedroom, I set my phone on video mode to film him in case he molests me. Once he walked out of his bathroom, he asked me to massage him and then when he tried to remove my clothes, I cried and begged him to stop. He didn’t stop, removed my dress and touched me indecently. I called the police once I left his room,” she testified in court.

The 34-year-old co-worker confirmed her countrywoman’s statement.

A policeman said when he questioned the defendant, the latter refuted the housemaids’ allegations.

“When I confronted him with the video recording, he refused to respond,” said the policeman.

The ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.