Dubai: The Dubai Court of First Instance fined an Egyptian actress and her sister who assaulted and insulted an American tourist and his family a sum of Dh10,000 on Monday.

The film actress, 41 and her sister, 38, thought they were being video recorded by the tourist’s daughter when they attacked the man, his wife and daughter and insulting them.

The tourist, 48, and his wife, 44, were also charged with physically assaulting the actress and her sister and insulting them. They were fined Dh10,000 each by the Misdemeanor Court.

On June 29, 2018, Dubai Police were alerted to the brawl at a five-star hotel in Palm Jumeirah.

The actress and her sister told officers that a group of people had been taking pictures and video of them.

The tourist said that he heard the actress screaming at his daughter in Arabic, telling her she was ‘an animal’. He approached her and told her his daughter didn’t speak Arabic.

“She shifted to English and abused all of us using bad language,” the tourist said.

The technical report revealed that the mobile phones of the 12-year-old daughter and her mother had no videos or pictures of the actress.

In her statement to the media, the actress said earlier that her privacy had been breached by the teen and her family when they recorded her, but a criminal laboratory report said that no images or clips of the actress were found on the teen’s mobile phone.

The two parties have the right to take their cases to the civil court.