Dubai: Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced to life two men in absentia, followed by deportation, for attacking and killing their relative over a family dispute.

Records revealed that in June 2018, the two Pakistani workers aged 30 and 24, were walking back from work with their countryman and his friend to their residence at Naif area when they reached a pedestrian tunnel.

“We all work in a hotel. We left work and were walking home. The two defendants usually don’t walk with us as they live in another area but they wanted to go with us that day. When we reached the tunnel, I received a phone call and stayed outside for three minutes. I then heard yelling and I saw the two defendants physically assaulting the victim in the middle of the 10-metre tunnel,” the Pakistani friend said in records, adding that he called the police and ambulance.

The two accused were banging the victim’s head to the wall and he died later, he said.

“I think the two defendants planned to assault him as they don’t usually walk with us after work. They took advantage of my staying outside the tunnel for a few minutes and assaulted him,” the witness added.

Dubai Police said another friend called one of the defendants who confirmed that they intended to kill the victim over a dispute.

The two defendants are still at large.