Investigating officers only found victim’s pair of shoes and a piece of Toyota logo at accident scene. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: Dubai Police has arrested a motorist involved in a six month old hit-and-run accident case that had left an Asian man seriously injured, officials said on Saturday.

Brigadier Abdullah Khadim, director of Bur Dubai Police Station, said that it was a complicated hit-and-run accident as the accident spot had no cameras and there were no witnesses or evidence.

“The victim crossed the road from a non-designated area at Al Quoz industrial area. He couldn’t see the car and there were no witnesses and cameras in the area. An officer in the police station chased the case for six months until he identified the driver and arrested him,” Brig Khadim said.

The driver fled the scene and officers only found a pair of shoes belonging to the victim and a piece of Toyota logo.

“We took the victim to Rashid Hospital as he suffered from multiple injuries. He was in coma for three months and was under intensive medical care.”

Meanwhile, First Lieutenant Ahmad Khalfan Al Hajiri, said that he kept chasing the case for six months until he identified the suspect.

“It was a hard case as there was not enough evidence apart from a piece of car’s logo. The suspect had asked his son, who also resides in the UAE, to fabricate an accident to disfigure the run over accident and escaped outside the country. Despite all of that, we identified the car and solved the case,” First Lt Al Hajiri said.

However, Dubai Police didn’t say how the car was identified.

A total of 88 road fatalities were reported in Dubai from January to July this year. In addition to the road deaths, a total of 922 other people were injured in traffic accidents on Dubai roads till the end of July this year.