Image Credit: Courtesy: Dubai Police

Dubai: Five people have been arrested for possessing 20kg of heroin in a sting operation, Dubai Police said on Tuesday.

Carrying out swift undercover operation, the Anti-Narcotic Department of Dubai Police arrested the drug dealers red handed in a Dubai hotel, said Major General Abdullah Al Merri, commander-in-chief of Dubai Police.

He said the gang, which smuggled drugs into the country through commercial ships, was arrested in an operation carried out on March 19.

Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs at Dubai Police said they arrested the five suspects –A European, African and three Asian men- and seized 20Kg of heroin smuggled in a commercial ship to Dubai.

“The three Asian men smuggled the drugs in a commercial ship and then arrived to Dubai International Airport in different timing and stayed in different hotels. The gang were proffisional and organized,” Maj Gen Al Mansouri said.

Brigadier Eid Mohammad Thani Hareb, director of the Anti-Narcotic Department at Dubai Police, said that the European suspect enter the country through Hatta port.

“He has no drugs when he enter the country but later we know that he want to sell large amount of Heroin,” Brigadier Hareb said.

Police send undercover policeman as buyer to the European suspect and negotiate with him to buy 2,2 Kg of heroin.

“We raided the location in a parking lot in a hotel. We arrested the European while he was handing over the drugs and arrested the African suspect who was with him. We searched his apartment and found the drugs hidden in his closet,” Brigadier Hareb added.

Dubai Police said that the ring leader is an African suspect who live in a European country and he was the one coordinating the operation.

Dubai Police arrested the three Asian men for smuggling the drugs to the country and sell it to the European suspect and his assistant.

“We arrested them in front of a hotel in Dubai and found big amount of money with them.”

The suspects referred to Dubai Public Prosecution to finish the investigation.