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Representational image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: A man went on trial at the a Dubai Court of First Instanc after he was accused of sexually abusing a job-seeker inside an apartment.

In June 2019, the 36-year-old Fililpina was looking for a job when she met the Pakistani defendant online and he offered her a job in his real estate company.

According to official records, he asked to meet her for an interview at his residence at Al Barsha in Dubai.

When she arrived at the location, she discovered it was a residential apartment.

“I was discussing the job when he started drinking alcohol. I got scared and wanted to leave but he attacked me,” said the victim in records.

The 34-year-old Pakistani defendant abused and bit her on the shoulder before he threw her to the ground and tried to rape her.

“I managed to block him and escaped to the bathroom from where I called the police for help,” she added.

The accused was apprehended and referred to the Al Barsha police station while the woman was taken to hospital where she received treatment for multiple bruises.

The defendant denied the sexual assault allegation during questioning.

The hearing was behind closed doors. The trial will resume on October 1.