WhatsApp app on a smartphone. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: An old scam has once again resurfaced in the UAE, targeting bank customers in particular.

Police warned residents on Tuesday to beware of opening websites that are liked to an email or an SMS following a spate of scam messages doing the rounds in the UAE.

The fake messages claimed that bank customers had their accounts blocked as their personal information was not updated.

UAE scam message
Bank customers were advised to protect their bank account information from strangers. Image Credit: Supplied

The scam, which was sent also through WhatsApp, said: “Dear customers, your ATM has been blocked because you did not have an update yet. If you want your ATM card to work properly, then contact this number …”

Scam message on SMS
The fake messages claimed that banks blocked the accounts of customers. Image Credit: Supplied

Bank customers were also advised to take the necessary steps to protect their bank account information, including the details of their payment cards, and to never share their personal information with strangers.