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Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the sentence awarded by Dubai Court of First Instance in the case. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Court of Appeals has upheld a sentence for a man who cheated a businesswoman of more than Dh900,000 in a fake clothing deal.

The defendant claimed he owned a company in his home country and approached the woman to make clothes for her and have them delivered to Dubai, so that she could sell them in a European country. According to the deal, the woman transferred the money to the defendant’s bank account, but thereafter, the defendant stopped receiving her calls and switched his phone off.

The defendant was initially sentenced to six months in jail and fined Dh900,000. The court also ordered thar he be deported after he had served his jail term.

The decision was challenged in the Dubai Court of Appeals which upheld the initial verdict.

According to records, the woman received an offer for a partnership business from the defendant, who claimed he owned a clothing company in his home country and could bring the goods over to Dubai.

“He provided fake documents and furnished fake contract details and names of investors, along with a website. He said he would make a 12 per cent profit from the business and I would get five per cent if I joined the enterprise,” said the victim on record.

She signed a contract with the defendant and transferred $250,000 (Dh919,500), but thereafter, the defendant could not be contacted. She then reported the incident to Dubai Police.

Police arrested the defendant who admitted the charge.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with illegally obtaining money.