Dubai: A businessman went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he was accused of sexually abusing an employee whom he lured into his house on the pretext of giving her salary cheque.

The British woman said she worked for the 29-year-old Afghani defendant for three weeks when he invited her to a restaurant near his home at Arabian Ranches. He then allegedly asked her to come with him to his house so he could write her a cheque for Dh3,000.

“His driver took us to his house and then left. He had invited me for dinner at the restaurant near his house. After having dinner, we were walking back to his home when he pushed me to a tree and kissed me. I pushed him away and he was upset,” the 34-year-old British woman said in official records.

She said she wanted to leave, but he told her that the driver would come to pick her up.

When they reached the house and she was waiting for the driver inside, the defendant sexually abused her again.

“The driver came and I went to my house and didn’t inform my family. My sister noticed that my lip was swollen. I told her what happened and alerted the authorities,” she said.

The defendant has been charged with sexual abuse and physically assaulting the victim.

The trial has been posted for May 28.