Dubai A businessman, who posed as a policeman when he walked into a schoolyard where he filmed and cursed his ex-partner’s daughters, was fined and will be deported.

The Egyptian businessman was reported to have had a sour business partnership with his former partner over financial disputes in 2017.

When the ex-partner failed to resolve the financial dispute amicably and absconded, the businessman visited the school of the two daughters but the security guard barred him from entering the premises.

The Egyptian man then told the guard that he is a policeman. After being allowed to enter, he filmed his ex-partner’s daughters with his mobile and cursed them loudly in front of their classmates.

The sisters’ mother complained to the police that apprehended the defendant.

Prosecutors charged the businessman with impersonating a policeman, breaching the sisters’ privacy by filming them against their will and cursing them in public.

According to the chargesheet, the defendant called the two girls bad names by claiming that their father is a thief.

The Egyptian defendant pleaded not guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court and refuted his accusations.

When questioned by prosecutors, the security guard testified that the defendant pretended to be a policeman when he came to the school at 2.30pm.

“The two sisters told me while they were leaving the school, the accused had filmed them against their will using his mobile. They also told me that he cursed them in front of their classmates,” the guard said.

One of the sisters testified that she was at the schoolyard with her friends when she suddenly saw a flashlight of a camera in front of her.

“When I saw the defendant, he tried to run away and then came my sister. I told her that the accused had filmed us with his mobile and he also cursed us … he alleged that our father is a thief. The culprit is my father’s friend and he filmed us against out will,” she said.

Meanwhile the defendant was quoted telling prosecutors that he filmed the sisters in order to provide their photos to the police and denied posing as a policeman and cursing them.

The Misdemeanours Court fined the accused Dh5,000 and ordered him to be deported.

The defendant appealed his primary judgement before the Appeal Court that refuted his appeal and upheld the fine and deportation.

The Egyptian also appealed the appellate ruling before the Cassation Court that dismissed the defendant’s appeal and confirmed the ruling.