Dubai: An artist, who was robbed and sexually assualted by two men, drew her attackers and enabled Dubai Police to identify the pair, it was heard on Sunday.

Dubai Police arrested the two Moroccan men and they went on trial at Dubai Court of First Instance accused of robbery and sexual assualt.

“Their faces were still alive in front of me so I drew their faces,” said the 40-year-old Russian artist.

“The drawing was 60 per cent accurate and I was able to later identify them in a suspect’s line up,” she added.

The victim met another woman in a bar in November of last year and agreed to go with her to smoke shisha at 3am.

“A car then stopped and she introduced me to two men. We went to a cafe but it was late and most cafes were closed. I told them that I’m a painter and showed them pictures of my art on my mobile phone.”

The victim then said the defendants dropped the second woman and told her that they would drop her home. However, they took her to a sandy area near a petrol station in Al Rashidiya, snatched her phone and assaulted her.

They asked her to have sex before sexually assualting her.

“They kicked me out of the car and stole my bag and phone. I walked to a construction site nearby and saw some workers who helped me call Dubai Police.”

An Emirati police officer testified that surveillance cameras identified the plate number of a rental car that belonged to the brother of one of the suspects.

“We later arrested the two suspects and they confessed to robbing the woman.”

The trial continues.