Sharjah: A man convicted of adultery has been sentenced to 100 lashes, one year in jail followed by deportation for committing the act in Sharjah.

The Sharjah Sharia Court of First Instance sentenced an Arab man to 100 lashes, one year in jail and deportation while his partner will be jailed for six months for adultery and one month for staying illegally in the country, followed by deportation.

The Syrian man, identified as B.M., was accused of committing adultery with a Filipino woman, identified as R.S. Both of them were also accused of having a child outside wedlock.

According to court documents, police had received a tip off that a Filipino woman identified as J.L. was raising a child who is not her own baby.

Police was told that J.L. was not married and that the baby is someone else's. Police interrogated J.L., who admitted that the mother of the baby is R.S., and that she is only taking care of the child.


Police arrested R.S., who confessed that she committed adultery with B.M. several times and she had given birth to a baby from him. B.M., who lives and works in Sharjah, told police that he had an illicit relationship with R.S.

Police said R.S. had entered the country on visit visa but overstayed.

According to court documents both of them committed adultery. The Sharia law states that adultery is prohibited and sinful because it affects negatively on family lineage and honour.

According to the court documents, the punishment for committing adultery is lashing if the persons are not married while it will be stoning if they are married and committed adultery.