Students getting lessons from instructors during the driving class at EmiratesDriving School in Dubai. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: All driving schools in Dubai have been allowed to open with effect from April 30 with strict guidelines put in place to ensure prevention of COVID-19 spread.

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has suspended the driving lessons on March 26 as part of the government’s measures to combat coronavirus pandemic.

The RTA has sent a notification to driving schools allowing them to resume driving classes following a set of new guidelines given to them to ensure social distance and other precautionary measures.

Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) in Dubai confirmed the opening of the school on Thursday. "We will take all the necessary measures to ensure safe and highest quality of training is imparted by our trainers," said Fatima Raees, Director of Customer Service and Marketin the EDI.

“We are happy to see that things are getting back to normal after the intense sterilisation drive. It is a sign that things are under control and necessary precautionary measures and required awareness are in place to ensure the health and safety of the individuals and the community,” she said.

“Many customers were waiting to resume their training and tests to avoid the long gap in learning and were relieved and happy to hear this news,” she added.

Some of the RTA’s safey guidelines for driving schools

1. Use separate entry and exit doors, making sure that the number of customers in the facility does not exceed 30% of the facility’s capacity

2. Provide remote temperature thermometer devices and avoid using ear thermometers

3. Provide sterilisation materials and devices in different places in the institute

4. Ensure disinfection of charis and door handles

5. Ensure sterilising of testing areas and training vehicles after every use

6. Stop cash payment and ensure the use of e-payment for all types of transactions

7. Ensure visits/ appointment through SMS or social media accounts

8- Monitor the visitors' temperature before entering the institute.

9. All visitors and staff must wear masks

10. Not to allow children (3-12) or individuals over 60 years of age to enter for their safety

11. The number of employees shall not exceed 30% of the total capacity of employees.

12. Encourage customers to pay through smart payment channels.

13. Reduce the number of students in the assessment vehicle test to one student for each appointment

14. Encourage attending e-theoretical lectures

15. Instructors (Male & Female) above 60 years and pregnant women are not to be allowed to work

16. Commitment to the social distance of employees and customers by no less than 2 meters

17. Never remove the masks, and make sure to wear them at all times during work and during training and tests.