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The couples watch their children wed via Zoom. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: COVID-19 has made people do things they never dreamt they would ever do. Take the case of an Indian couple who are still waiting to see their beloved daughter in the United States and whose wedding they were forced to watch on zoom — thanks to border closures and travel restrictions at the thick of the pandemic.

Ingrid Sahu, 58, said she and her husband Samir Sahu, 59, have been longing to see their daughter Illika Sahu, 30, and her husband Brendan Ryan for months after their marriage in Washington DC, where they reside. “The couple booked their wedding date based on the cherry blossom season in the US. Our tickets were also booked for travel to the US. But the borders closed on March 15 and a travel restriction was put in place. As a result, we could not attend the wedding. We watched them marry via Zoom!”

Live on camera

“My husband Samir, our son Ishaan and I were so looking forward to being there for this very special occasion. Unfortunately, as countries were closing their borders and airlines were stopping services at that time, we made the sad decision not to travel for the wedding. Fortunately, the Zoom platform came in handy and we all agreed that we would participate in the wedding. It was probably one of the first COVID-time weddings via Zoom!,” Ingrid told Gulf News.

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Illika Sahu and her husband Brendan Ryan. Image Credit: Supplied

She said that while the family felt sad for not being able to attend the wedding and for not being physically present on the occasion, they were at least able to enjoy their daughter’s wedding — live on camera.

Sharing anecdotes

“We went into it feeling sad about this remote celebration. Although it was a beautiful, intimate ceremony with the couple and families on both sides able to share anecdotes and send heartfelt wishes to Illika and Brendan, we wished we were there. It is unbelievable how COVID-19 has changed people’s lives. I could have never imagined that we would not be able to attend our owns daughter’s wedding, but this is the new reality now!,” Ingrid rued.

Ingrid and Samir Sahu with their children. Image Credit: Supplied

Looking back, she said the family was happy that it all went well. “But the pandemic has sent a strong message to the world: Expect the unexpected,” she added.