Some say a flu jab is the way to go Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As news of the coronavirus, which originated in China's Wuhan and has so far claimed 132 lives, landing in the UAE comes to light, citizens and expats are wondering what the next prudent step to take would be.

Don't panic, say most, even as health authories in the country make assurances that things are under control and the people affected are being monitored. We asked expats their concerns about the virulent virus as well as the precautions they are taking against contracting various strains of influenza that may be flitting around. 

In China it’s already 6,000 people who are [infected with the virus], but in Dubai it [was] nothing. But because it’s been confirmed that Chinese who come to Dubai have been infected, every Chinese in Dubai – we are worried, we would like to know where the traveller went, and what their condition is now. I have been telling people, because it's in Dubai please take care of yourself.

- Abbey, Chinese

I’m always carrying sanitizers and making sure to clean my hands and things that I touch, I’m also avoiding busy places with big crowds. Eating meals made at home and cleaning and cooking everything thoroughly is also key.

- Roula Nasr, Arab Canadian

I avoid crowded places like malls and water parks. I carry a hand sanitizer and use it at regular intervals. I also avoid shaking hands and wear a mask while using public transport. I try to keep hydrated and warm. And I regularly take a flu shot to build immunity.

- Roopa Shankar, Indian

I’m always trying to use sanitizers and avoid crowded places. I feel that people couldn’t predict that the virus could spread globally that fast and have fatal results. We need to read all the crucial information shared from medical experts on how to protect ourselves from infection and hopefully the spread of coronavirus will be contained soon”

- Christina Pappachristou, Greek

I am drinking water and taking a lot of vitamin C. Also I will avoid crowded places in the coming months. As per my understanding, children are prone to the virus even more than adults, I think the Government should step in to organise awarness campaigns in schools and enforce precautionary measures like safety masks, etc.

- Agha Ghazanfar Raza, Pakistan

Corona virus is definitely something not to be taken lightly. However, I just hope that the media will not only report the increasing number of the infected or deaths. How about the improvement of those infected, the results and progress of those working for the cure?
Whilst we are watching the world respond to this pandemic, we have to do our level best to protect ourselves. Like ensuring you stay healthy by keeping you immune system stronger. I take vitamins, I make sure I have enough sleep, I maintain good diet and drinks lots and lots of water. Also, stay home if you are sick.

- Imah Dumagay, Philippines

The coronavirus is definitely worrisome news and I wish safety of all the families and friends around. Although the situation seems pretty much under control in UAE however, as a precaution I am still wearing a mask, drinking fluids, washing hands more frequently and avoiding direct hand contact with eyes and nose as much as possible.

- Fiza Jabeen, Pakistan