The command and control room at Dubai Police headquarters. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A man who asked Dubai Police if he needs a permit to go between the houses of his two wives, was just one of the many bizarre and funny questions received during the introduction of the 24-hour sterilisation programme this week.

A senior Dubai Police official was on local radio answering queries from callers when the question cropped up.

“I’m married to two women,” said the caller. “Should I get a permit when I move from house to house?”

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police laughed with the caller and said not getting the permit would be a good excuse not to see his other wife if he doesn’t want to be with her.

“I received many questions like this one,” said Al Mazroui. “The permit is only for one time and people need to apply for a permit whenever they leave their homes for necessary matters,” he added.

Al Mazroui said the permit’s aim is to protect people against coronavirus and limit its spread.

“It’s not logical to give someone a weekly permit to buy essentials as we are aiming to reduce movement on the roads,” he said.

“Areas which used to take one week to be completely sterlised, can be done within one day now, and that will speed the return to our daily lives,” he added.

Other questions ranged from when will coronavirus end and do people need a permit to walk their pets.

“Individuals are not allowed to leave the house except for essential purposes or if they are working in vital sectors during the national sterlisation programme,” Dubai Police replied on their official twitter handle.

Walking pets was not deemed an essential category nor a justified reason for obtaining a permit.

Dubai Police also advised people to go shopping in bulk with a permit and present receipts and the permit if stopped by police to avoid a fine.

“People should use cycling only as a matter of transportation to go to the supermarket or pharmacy and back and not to cycle around their homes (as a form of leisure or recreation),” the official added.

Dubai Police added that those who do get the permit to visit the shops via foot or cycle to collect essentials items should wear gloves, masks and keep safe distance from others. Only one person from each family should go and children should stay at home with another adult, it was added.

The movement permit website ( has been updated and now it features an FAQs section.

For more enquiries, call 800PERMIT (800737648).