Australia bushfire
Image Credit: AP

Dubai: Massive bushfires in Australia have ravaged and continue to raze down acres of land, and leading to the death of atleast half a billion animals. In response to the continuing situation, Etihad Airways has released a statement for passengers who have booked flights to or from Australia. 

The statement said: "As part of its international workforce, Etihad is also the proud employer of more than 300 Australian nationals outside Australia, who, with their families, number more than 1,000. Most reside in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, where the airline is based.

"In total, some 16,000 Australian nationals live and work in the UAE.

"In response to the country’s devastating bushfires, Etihad Airways will waive flight change fees for Australian residents affected by this ongoing national emergency. The waivers will apply for travel to or from Australia.

"UAE-based Australians, or those in Australia seeking changes to their Etihad flights as a result of the fire emergency, should contact Etihad Guest Services in the UAE..."

The airline has daily services through three of the largest cities in the country, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.