Tragic. The hotel pool where Mohammad Majid Malik drowned. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai What would have been a memorable Dubai honeymoon for a British couple turned nightmarish earlier this month when the husband drowned in a hotel swimming pool.

The man identified as Mohammad Majid Malik, 28, from Luton, England, was said to be enjoying the last day of his trip with his newly wed wife Maira Shahid when he waded into the side of the pool 3.5 metres deep.

“The unfortunate incident occurred when the guest and his wife entered a swimming pool at approximately 1.15am (August 15). The guest quickly got into difficulties having ventured into the deep end of the pool while his wife remained in the shallow end,” said a spokesperson of the Jebel Ali Beach Hotel in a statement to XPRESS.

“We were alerted to the situation by his wife calling for help and two members of the Resort team rushed to the guest’s aid removing him from the pool and immediately commencing CPR activities. This was then continued by the nurse who arrived on the scene minutes later. Upon arrival, the ambulance crew then took over CPR but sadly it was announced that the guest had died on his arrival at the hospital,” the statement said. “We have extended our full support and co-operation to all the authorities involved and the case has been closed. We will also remain at the bereaved family’s disposal.”

According to a report in the British media, Malik, a mortgage adviser of Pakistani origin, had married Maira on July 30 in London.

The two had reportedly gone out for dinner and shopping before returning to the hotel for a stroll.

According to the wife, Maira, they were ‘paddling and chatting’ when they went around to the other side of the swimming pool. The wife has said she was taking pictures of her husband when he was walking backwards towards the pool and moments later just as she had put her phone back in bag, she saw “his hands going up and down” in the pool. She soon managed to alert two hotel guests who dived in and pulled up Malik. “Sadly, it was too late by then,” said a hotel staff.