Peikko Group is about to start its steel and composite structures manufacturing at its new modern factory premises in ras Al Khaimah Image Credit: Supplied

With significant expertise and experience in the construction arena, Peikko provides a faster, safer and a more efficient way to design and build. The company’s pioneering and dependable ways to develop a range of construction modules for buildings, from simple structures to massive complex projects, is rapidly catching the attention of builders.

The Lahti, Finland-headquartered family-owned multinational company was founded in 1965. It has since leapt into prime position, presenting a faster, safer and more efficient way to design and construct.

Peikko Gulf is a joint venture between the Peikko Group Corporation and Rashed Abdul Rahman Al Rashed & Sons Group, a Saudi Arabian trading and industrial conglomerate. Peikko Gulf currently has production facilities in Ras Al Khaimah and operates under the banner Al Rashed Peikko in the Kingdom. The company commenced operations in the region in the summer of 2008.

Slovakia-born Radovan Endel is General Manager, Peikko Middle East, and oversees the company’s operations in the wider region. With a tenure spanning over a decade with the company, Radovan has previously held various positions in technical and management leadership roles in the manufacturing and electromechanical sectors.

Peikko primacy

In an interview, Radovan highlights the role of Peikko in the field of construction and structural design. “Globally, Peikko is delivering innovative solutions for precast element connections, cast-in-situ connections and components. Our integrated, proprietary composite beams DELTABEAM® are a core part of and indispensable to wind turbine foundations in the Wind Energy sector,” he notes.

“With all those applications and systems, we are providing faster, more efficient and reliable ways to build in construction sector for the benefit for all stakeholders involved. We are proud of our over five decades of experience and our corporate heritage and values are firmly rooted in this family owned company,” he affirms

Peikko currently has over 1800 employees globally; manufactures in 10 countries and its products are available in excess of 35 countries.

Multiple usages

According to Radovan, Peikko’s clientele is wide and varied. “Our clients are architects—looking for freedom in design, construction companies willing to gain reliability, safety and speed as well structural designers, precasters, flooring specialists, developers, investors and energy industry specialists among others.”

He points out to the solid reputation of Peikko that has served the company well as it makes strong inroads in the construction sector worldwide “We are confident, believe in optimum performance, professionalism and are responsive to our clients’ needs,” he observes.

Peikko products meet the demanding requirements of its customers. “We have a strong focus on R&D and in many cases have developed more cost-efficient, more durable, more reliable alternatives. Our goal is to influence and serve our customers comprehensively from the choice of technical solutions through construction to the use of the building,” he says.


“In order to get specific knowledge, we actively participate in standardisation work with the cooperation of leading research institutes. Even are global, yet think local. We understand the importance to ensure that our products meet local regulations and sustainability requirements” assures Radovan.

“One of Peikko’s best known applications-DELTABEAM®, creates flexible and open spaces that enable the changing of layout and even the purpose of a building. This can even extend the building’s lifespan,” he reiterates.

Advantage Peikko

“Peikko was the first company to conduct extensive research and devise a system for the usage of vertical structural elements. In case of precast connections, the main advantage of Peikko system, with proven verification of the capacity and safety, is that temporary supports are no longer needed and thus the construction process can be greatly accelerated. It is no longer necessary to wait for the injection materials to get hardened; it is possible to maintain the continuity of seamless work without stoppage,” he states.

Construction is the largest sector in Middle East, accounting for more than US$ 1tn of big and small project investments. Our present pipeline span projects across the residential, commercial, hospitality and energy sectors. We are confident about the future and are fully expecting to be significant partners in more key projects in the region and globally.

“The strength of Peikko is that we have key points as a strong technical and strong global presence on the construction market. This gives us the opportunity to quickly understand the special needs of the different local markets and develop technical solutions that respond to those needs,” he assures.

Trusted partner

“At Peikko, we are mindful of the financial and technological pressures in the construction market as a result of increased competition and other industry challenges. We have proved and vindicated our presence in this region and as construction partners we have earned the trust reposed in us by our customers.”

“When you work in the construction industry, your work is testimony. You see evidence of your job every day from the project you are presently working on, the one last worked to the project you are hoping to get next. It is our goal to ensure our customer’s ambitions and vision to succeed and take shape in concrete, quite literally.”


Peikko Group is committed to sustainability “Sustainability and the circular economy are becoming top priorities. The construction industry will have to respond to enormous pressures for efficiency and sustainability. Demands are increasingly being made not only on capabilities and speed of the construction process, but of the whole lifecycle management of buildings, starting from planning to eventual demolition or re-use of structures,” he states.

“Precast will definitely be the main construction method in the future, world-wide. I believe that the building industry’s main concern will be the most efficient use of the already existing construction materials and most likely we will find new ways of using the materials and making them more resistant and environmental-friendly,” he continues.

“We are focused on the environment and sustainability and as part of its corporate strategy; the company is committed to the Circular Economy. We want the building industry to be a part of the solution and not the problem,” he concludes.