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Muhammad Aqib, a talented expat worker in Dubai, danced his way to a free business license at a Holi reality show.

Dubai: Muhammad Aqib, a talented blue-collar worker at a facilities and management service company in Dubai, danced his way to a free business license at a Holi reality show.

Breakdancing his way to victory on the popular song “Lift Karade” by Adnan Sami, the jubilant Aqib won a free-of-cost business license enabling him to operate as a business owner anywhere in the UAE, said a press release from the organisers, Dubai-based consultancy firm A & A Associate.

“I’m thrilled and feeling very good. My boss requested that I participate in the competition and I did. I didn’t expect to win, and now I can become a business owner,” said an ecstatic Muhammad Aqib.

Dancing through teenage years

The 25-year-old worker is not a newcomer to competitions or dancing. In fact, throughout his teenage years, he performed different dance variations, including his competition-winning breakdance, at various functions, festivals, and wedding ceremonies.

He may not use the license to follow his passion for dance but will use his entrepreneurial spirit to follow his dream of having his store with his name on the signage outside, Aqib clarified.

“I want to open an AC-technician shop with my name on the front. I would also like to make this a family-run business so that we may all reap the benefits for years to come,” he said, thanking the organisers.

10 selected worker

The contest was held at a Jebel Ali workers’ accommodation on March 17, ahead of Holi, the Indian festival of colours. It witnessed 10 select workers demonstrate a special talent in front of a packed house.

“We wanted our colour for this Holi to be blue, literally! And so we thought of empowering the blue-collar workers of Dubai this year with exactly what they might need to chase their dreams,” said Robin Philip, director, Assurance & Business Advisory of the Dubai-based firm that specialises in business set-up across the UAE.

“Nobody thinks about those who earn a lot less and lack the confidence perhaps to start a new business. We wanted to stoke a fire in them and supercharge their dreams of becoming their own bosses,” said Philip, whose company offered the business license as a prize for the winner of Thursday’s first-of-its-kind reality show open to Dubai’s low wage earners, the release added.