Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, chief of BJP Amit Shah
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, chief of BJP Amit Shah, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, display copies of their party's election manifesto for the April/May general election, in New Delhi. Image Credit: REUTERS

Dubai: Three days ahead of India going to polls in phases, the country’s ruling party — Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) — unveiled its election manifesto with promise to make India one of the most powerful forces in the world if Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is voted back to power.

Pucca housing to the poor, pension scheme for farmers, huge investments for rural development, zero tolerance towards terrorism, increasing the strike capability of the armed forces are among the highlights. The party has once again promised to facilitate the construction of the Ram Temple and to implement the Uniform Civil Code.

Gulf News spoke to Indian expats in the UAE to know what they feel about BJP’s manifesto. Here is what they shared.

Sajeev Purushothaman, BJP’s Kerala NRI Cell spokesperson

Sajeev Purushothaman
Sajeev Purushothaman Image Credit: Supplied

BJP Sankalp Patra 2019 is a commitment towards good governance, inclusive development, national security and one that will take India on ‘One Mission, One Direction’ as stated by the PM. It is absolutely in the interest of even NRIs who are looking for the development of the country. As security is a main concern for the country, it has emphasised on both internal and external security. Apart from offering pension to farmers, we are addressing their long-neglected problems using technology and assisting them to go to market directly. This manifesto also protects the culture and heritage of the country and promotes Make in India in the defence sector, thereby increasing employment opportunities.

Rajini Krishnan, corporate professional

Rajini Krishnan
Rajini Krishnan Image Credit: Supplied

This is the most progressive manifesto that I have ever seen and I am quite excited about it. It covers every aspect, every area, and every Indian cutting across classes. All schemes mentioned are for the benefit of every Indian. BJP has given an excellent report card for the last five years and what they are planning for the next five years, so much in detail covering everything from farmers, women and youth empowerment to strengthening the armed forces, and improving the education sector and skill development. Basically, they have covered the ground of everything that the country requires for its growth and progress. As an NRI, I want to support this government to continue as it has been a very stable government that brought out so many developments in India.

Deepa Sandeep Kumar, homoeopathic doctor

Deepa Sandeep Kumar
Deepa Sandeep Kumar Image Credit: Supplied

The new BJP Sankalp Patra is a very comprehensive document touching all segments of the society. This document provides the continuity to the government policy of the last five years and pledges to carry forward the good work. As an NRI, I am very pleased that the BJP has promised to improve outreach to the global NRI community. It will be an encouragement for women entrepreneurship through collateral free loans up to Rs5 million with 50 per cent government guarantee. The focus is on a resurgent India with women-led development focused on restoring India’s rightful place at the top of the world order. This government has shown that they promise the moon and deliver it too. My vote is for this development-led model proposed by BJP.

M. G. Pushpakaran, businessman

M. G. Pushpakaran
M. G. Pushpakaran Image Credit: Supplied

“BJP’s manifesto is a threat to the peaceful future of the country as they are eager to build the Ram Temple and implement the Uniform Civil Code to which the entire Muslim community is against. Majority of Indians are longing for peace and religious harmony. BJP is silent on the mosque that has been demolished and also about farmers’ suicide. The reason for farmers’ suicide is their huge debts. Pension for farmers, means they need to leave the job. What will those who are working do? They are the ones committing suicide, not the ones who have retired. Also, they have pledged to simplify GST. That shows that they are admitting their mistake. In the past five years, the poor has become poorer and more than 50 per cent of the wealth is now in the hands of the superrich who make up one per cent. So their promise to the poor is also very ambiguous.